Working Papers:


1) “The Impacts of Managerial Autonomy on Firm Outcomes

2) “Learning, Adaptation and Climate Uncertainty: Evidence from Indian Agriculture(previously circulated as “Ambiguity Aversion and Learning in a Changing World: The Potential Effects of Climate Change from Indian Agriculture”)

3) “The Skills to Pay the Bills: Returns to On-the-job Soft Skills Training” with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Anant Nyshadham

4) “Linguistic Distance and Market Integration in India” with James Fenske

5) “The Light and the Heat: Productivity Co-benefits of Energy-saving Technology“with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Anant Nyshadham (accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics)

6) “Management and Shocks to Worker Productivity” with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Anant Nyshadham

7) “Fetal Origins of Mental Health: Evidence from Africa” with Achyuta Adhvaryu, James Fenske, and Anant Nyshadham

8) “Booms, Busts, and Household Enterprise: Evidence from Coffee Farmers in Tanzania” with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Anant Nyshadham (accepted, World Bank Economic Review)


1)  “1807: Economic shocks, conflict and the slave trade” with James Fenske (2017). Journal of Development Economics

2) Climate, ecosystem resilience and the slave trade” with James Fenske (2015). Journal of Development Economics

3) “The impact of climate change on agro-ecological zones: Evidence from Africa”  with Pradeep Kurukulasuriya and Robert Mendelsohn (2012). Environment and Development Economics, August, 2012. (Supplementary material)

4) “Adaptation And Climate Change Impacts: A Structural Ricardian Model Of Irrigation And Farm Income In Africa” with Pradeep Kurukulasuriya and Robert Mendelsohn (2011). Climate Change Economics, Volume: 2, Issue: 2,  pp. 149-174.

Projects in Progress:

1)  “Leveraging Equipment Rentals Markets for Smallholder Farmers” with Julieta Caunedo